Personal Training

Crush your Goals, learn a new skill all around your schedule!

Our Personal Training programs are our highest level of service. Whether you are looking for weight loss, conditioning, muscle building, toning, or you want to learn how to box the personal training route will get you there!  Available in 30 min and 60 minute sessions, we devise a program based off the individuals goals, availability and budget. This program is also all inclusive meaning, you will have access to our Cardio Classes and our Skilled classes as well. If you have a busy schedule and can’t always workout at the same times, then this program is for you!

Programs Can be geared towards weight loss, muscle building and strength, toning, or if you prefer to learn the sweet science in a privatized setting, One on One training is the best way to go!

Prices: Take 10% off for Military, Police/Fire, Nurses, College Students except on packages

Trial sessions available – $75 for 60 mins or $45 for 30 mins 

Interested? Simply fill out the quick contact form below and we will reach out via Text! No Obiligation!

Interested in personal/private training? Fill out this form and a member of our team will reach out to you!


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