Fight Camp Cardio Classes

Our Fight Camp Cardio classes are great for those that are looking for fun and fresh ways to efficiently burn 500-1,000 calories in a 45-55 minute class session. Classes include plyometrics, partner and group exercises with intense cardio and strength workouts. Classes are taught by certified trainers with training, nutrition and nutrition experience. Along with the training you will receive while working out, we also offer heart rate monitors to our members that show you, in real time, the progress of your workout. No prior experience or boxing skills are necessary to participate in classes, all exercises are explained in detail and form is corrected by your trainer.

Do I Prior Need Experience?: Absolutely no prior experience is needed

When Are Classes Held?: Classes are held 7 days a week, Monday-Sunday (see schedule for times)

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Discounts: Take 10% off for Military, Police/Fire, Nurses, College Students except on packages

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