Youth Skilled Boxing – A great alternative to schoolastic sports!

Our Youth Boxing Program is for children aged 5-12 and is suitable for any skill level that your child possess. Whether your child is in need of structured physical activity or wants to learn the basics of boxing which includes footwork, pad and bag work and even real ring time. In addition, classes will also focus on the offensive and defensive skills of boxing which are taught by experienced professionals with the patience to work personally with your child no matter what speed of learning. The skills that are taught through  physical activity and a structured schedule can be the fundamental building blocks your child can build off whether it be another sport or. Classes are held 4 days per week, please check your closest gyms schedule. 

Do I Prior Need Experience?: Absolutely no prior experience is needed

Can I Try A Class?: Book a trial class here!

Discounts: Take 10% off for Military, Police/Fire, Nurses, College Students except on packages

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