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After 4 months twice per week Personal Training – Claire C.

Hello my names Dallas, I’m a 21 year old young man from Wilmington Delaware. Through out my life I wasn’t really happy with my body, I was chubby, out of shape, etc. I loved food and wasn’t really worried about what I ate, I was always eating junk food & drinking soda. I came to a point where I wasn’t happy with my body at all, I never wanted to walk around with my shirt off, so I decided I need to start working out & getting in shape. I recently discovered knockout sports & fitness in April 2014 where I spoke with one of there physical trainers Jonathan Gainey. Since may 1, 2014-August 1,2014 Jonathan trained me & pointed me in the right direction, since then with his hard work & motivation I’ve lost 22 pound of body fat and I’m in the best shape I’ve been in years from dieting and with his 1-1 cardio strength & conditioning workout. So for anyone that is looking for a great place to workout & get that body you’ve been dreaming of, I highly recommend knockout boxing & fitness and talk to Jonathan.

– Dallas

Knockout is awesome. The facility, staff, flexibility, and location are perfect for me. I started with the Cardio Kickboxing Class, moved to personal training and I have since gained 20 pounds of muscle and exponentially increased my strength and endurance. I told Jonathan exactly what I wanted to achieve, and I got it and more.  I may never be able to fully express how happy I feel and look because of working out at Knockout. And I will continue to train there because of the trust and faith I have in what they are doing.

– Kevin

Ive been going to KO Boxing since August and since joining, I’ve seen a huge imporvement in my conditioning, my clothes fit great and I’m a lot more confident. I highly recommend Knockout to anyone serious about fitness!

– Kristin F.

Carido Kickboxing is not just about hitting and kicking heavy bags. At Knockout Boxing, they incorporate all different types of movements into one amazing  full body workout! Since becoming a member in March of 2014, I have noticed a significant increase in my overall endurance, great muscle tone and unprecedented drop in body fat percentage. I was use to lifting weights, running and swimming but needed something more because I was plateauing. I was extremely humbled my first day due to the intensity of the workout. From kettle bells, to jump rope to bear crawls, burpees, squat jumps, tire flips, battle ropes and everything else you can imagine. You litterally have no idea what the trainers may have next up their sleeve. All the trainers are extremely professional and motivating not to mention how great the other members are. They really have a special thing going at Knockout!

– Dominic C.

I started going to Knockout in June 2014. I use to live very close but since then I have moved almost an hour away. I continue to attend classes at Knockout every day. It’s always a great atmosphere to be in and the trainers are awesome. I am a marathon runner and since I have started working out at Knockout I have become fast and stronger during my runs. I will continue to go to Knockout for many years to come!

– Brielle S.

One day I was looking to try something different for exercise than to go to a standard gym or have a normal jog in the park. I researched things that I could do and stumbled upon boxing. I am not the most athletic person but I like to stay semi active. I saw knockout boxing online . The website was very clear on what was offered at the boxing gym. I was so excited to start & asked my good friend to join with me, in which she did. After we went  to a few lessons, with our great trainer Jon, we were hooked on completing goals set forth in our workouts. I used to think boxing looked easy but after training I soon respected the sport of boxing. I have learned you need dedication, patience with your body, good eating habits, and good form. As time went on I saw progress with my body by loosing more pounds than I thought I could in just a few months. One of the main things my great trainer taught me was to ” just do it” in the sense that the art of action is super important. Sometimes we can let our fears of failure hold us back but i am realizing we got to push through our fears , just do it, and imagine that we can reach our goals if we do not give up.   I feel as if my eyes are more open  to this simple  yet valuable lesson . Boxing that has helped me. No matter how non athletic I was in certain situations, my trainer still believed in me . He wanted me to do my best in the capabilities that my body could achieve. Knockout boxing has been a good experience, I am very happy that there is a place like this. The people are friendly also. I would highly recommend this place!!!!!!

– Shayna L. Down 24 lbs in 2.5 months